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QuickBooks Online

CLCPA will create and reconcile QuickBooks Online to appropriate bank supporting documentation to populate complete and accurate financial information.  The key activities will include:

  • Review overall QuickBooks Online configurations. Make any configuration adjustments as determined necessary:

    • Analyze Business Requirements and select appropriate QBO subscription

    • Review and configure accrual vs cash basis of accounting

    • Sales tax review and setup

    • General configuration setup

    • Custom Chart of Accounts setup & create chart of accounts numbering system

    • Custom financial report creation


  • Import and post transactions within checking and credit card GL accounts for completeness and accuracy. Remediate any issues identified as a result of this review until banking, credit card, income and expense accounts reconcile to appropriate supporting documentation. Post manual adjusting journal entries within QuickBooks Online as necessary. 

  • Complete account reconciliations using the account reconciliation function within the QuickBooks Online application for checking and credit card accounts and produce supporting documentation for each reconciliation.

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