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Chad Lundgren, CPA, LLC (CLCPA) is a Non-Attestation Tax & Consulting Public Accounting Firm operating in the states of Ohio and Tennessee. 

"The primary goal of any business or entrepreneurial venture is to make money. 

Every action that brings a company closer to its goal is productive.

Every action that does not bring a company closer to its goal is not productive."

― Eliyahu M. Goldratt, The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

CLCPA was founded by this principle and operates with this quote in mind. It is understood that for many entrepreneurs, accounting and bookkeeping may only seem like an after-the-fact and necessary compliance burden. CLCPA strongly believes that it is critically necessary to have a reliable system of accounting in order to produce accurate financial information for informed decision making and to best position the business for controlled, compliant, and sustainable growth.  As such, moving the business entity closer to its goal.   

*Non-Attest services are services provided to a client that are not specifically related to the performance of an attest engagement. For example, non-attest services include activities such as financial statement preparation, cash to accrual conversions, reconciliations, and tax return preparation. Any engagement entered into is limited to Non-Attest services and there will be no Attestation Services performed in any scope of work.


Always Conduct Business in an Ethical Manner

​Even if doing so is a financial detriment to the firm

Maximize Client Value through Vigilance & Innovation

​Proactively seek to understand and collaboratively address new business considerations that may arise, including those related to technologies​

Build Strong and Trusted Relationships

​The strength of the firm is built on a foundation of independent, transparent, respectful & high-quality relationships

Practice Extreme Ownership

 Apply these guiding principles to business and in life

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

This includes continuous improvement for the client, the firm, and employees


Chad Lundgren graduated with an accounting degree from Kent State University in 2014. He started his career in the Internal Audit Department of a Fortune 500 healthcare company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sale of medical devices and infection prevention technologies. This afforded Chad the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the culture, systems, and processes that the internal audit activity provides. These include assuring; systems of internal control are adequate to mitigate the risks associated with financial reporting, governance processes are effective and efficient, and organizational goals and objectives are met.


While working in Internal Audit, Chad became a licensed CPA in 2018. His friends started reaching out for help with accounting and tax issues in their own businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Chad saw an opportunity to help them grow and maintain their companies, and founded Chad Lundgren, CPA, LLC (CLCPA). 

Chad exited Internal Audit in 2019. He entered the private sector and served as the Assistant Controller for a rapidly growing mid-sized interior building supplier. Chad was intimately involved in the day-to-day execution of critical administrative business processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, physical inventory, the financial statement close process, budgeting, and the integration of company acquisitions.

It was here where Chad developed a passion for the Microsoft 365 application suite, and he served as the subject matter expert for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP. He wrote the company user guide for how to execute common functions within the application. He also coordinated with IT developers for all system development and routine maintenance, programmed the account schedule report logic, and successfully implemented bar code scanning technology.

In 2022, Chad began working full time for CLCPA with the goal of providing the highest level of service to its clients. With the combination of experiences working for a large multi-billion-dollar corporation to sole proprietorships, Chad is uniquely qualified to assist companies with a vast array of accounting and business objectives. He draws from his past and current knowledge and skill sets with persistence and passion for the success of his clients’ businesses, to shape the daily growth of CLCPA and that of his trusted clients.

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